Philosophy of Teaching… My perspective on the Kenanow Model in relation to my perspective as a teacher..

The Kenanow Model Bachelor of Education program at UCN is a unique program specific to Aboriginal students that really caught my attention because I believe in implementing Aboriginal perspectives in all that is developed from the teacher I will become.

The Kenanow Model is a Bachelor of Education program that is northern-based and Aboriginal focused teacher education program, which is encompassed by the wisdom provided by Elders in Northern Manitoba.  The Kenanow program philosophy reflects the mission statement of UCN with the incorporation of the Seven Sacred Teachings:  wisdom, respect, truth, humility, honesty, bravery and love, which are all embedded in the design and delivery of the program.

Kenanow stems from the Aboriginal traditional Cree. The word Kenanow means “all of us” or “all of us who are here” and it emphasizes the relationship between and among people.  The Kenanow learning model was adopted by the elders as the Framework for the UCN teacher education program. As a learning model, Kenanow has served Aboriginal people for generations. Kenanow connects identity, place, community history, roles and responsibilities and the process of handing down knowledge. The Elders believe that the Kenanow model provides a foundation that encompasses the past, the present and the future in education for northern and Aboriginal students. The model and the program seek to reclaim and rekindle the connectedness for students to the community and to enhance the students’ sense of identity as learners, family and community members.

The Kenanow Program Goals are to:

  1. Enable prospective teachers to become caring and effective teachers for our children and youth.
  2. Increase emphasis on Aboriginal education and inclusion of Aboriginal knowledge in the curriculum.
  3. Expand access to appropriate educational support services.
  4. Establish a collaborative approach among educators and educational partners.
  5. Provide leadership in teacher education and teacher research.
  6. Increase the graduation rate of Aboriginal and northern students in northern Manitoba.

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